A constant flow of negative news, such as the long-running pandemic plus shootings, inflation and natural disasters, is bad for you, according to a new study, notes Grumpy Editor.

Researchers in Spain looked at how people are best able to manage feelings of anxiety and depression at the height of the pandemic, finding that one of the most effective methods is to take breaks from the barrage of bad news, reports NBC’s Erika Edwards.

The best predictor for having lower anxiety and depressive symptoms is to "avoid watching too much news," Edwards notes from lead study author Dr. Joaquim Radua, a psychiatrist in Barcelona.  

Others say there's only so much negative news coverage a person can take before that reporting affects mental health.


BOOSTER SUGGESTED BY HALLOWEEN.  For maximum protection for the upcoming holidays, the White House says Americans should get updated COVID-19 booster shots by Halloween.  It also warns of a “challenging” virus season ahead.

PINK DIAMOND BRINGS ALMOST $50 MILLION.  A rare pink 11.15-carat diamond sells for $49.9 million U.S. in Hong Kong via Sotheby’s.  It sets an auction world record for the highest price per carat for a diamond. 

DELTA INVESTS IN ELECTRIC CRAFT.  Delta Air Lines invests $60 million in a startup that hopes to build electric-powered helicopter-like air taxis.  The aircraft take off and land vertically, like helicopters.

 CHIHUAHUA HOLDS OLDEST LIVING DOG TITLE.  A 21-year-old Florida chihuahua named Toby Keith, is "back on his throne" as the world's oldest living dog according to Guinness World Records.

BORDER PATROL SLIM IN ARIZONA.  Border Patrol agents say they’ve been largely pulled off the border in Arizona, allowing massive numbers of illegal immigrants to walk unstopped into the U.S. The National Border Patrol Council mentions only one in five agents in the Tucson region is assigned to patrol duties. 

GOLD COIN COLLECTION SELLS FOR $845,000.  A collection of 17th-18th century gold coins, found in England when a couple renovated their kitchen, sells at auction for $845,000.  The auctioneer describes the trove as "120 years of English history hidden in a pot the same size as a soda can.”

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